Bladsnijmes Original


Durable all-metal Leaf cutting blade for cutting leaves off the tomato plants. This creates a neat cut surface, so that the wound dries quickly and the risk of Botrytis is reduced. The shape of the knife protects the tomatoes from damage. For right and left handed use.

Each Leaf Cutting Knife Original comes standard with a box of 10 Tondeomes. You do not need any tools to insert a new Tondeo blade. It is best to remove the Tondeo blade with scissors.

Weight: 139 grams.

Suitable for the new TCR Hair Blades in the beige box.

Volume discount (price per piece):

€ 129.90 = up to 4 pieces
€ 124.40 = 5 to 9 pieces
€ 119.40 = from 10 pieces

Delivery after consultation.

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Weight 0,139 kg