Bladsnijmes welcomes you. Time for a change for the health of the tomato plants? Then you have come to the right place! The original (metal) leaf cutting knife was developed by us to prevent Botrytis in a biological and sustainable way. We then also developed the plastic leaf cutting knife.

Initially with a blue knife holder and a black handle. Now also with the familiar blue knife holder but with a (light) gray handle. This, in the fight against ToBRFV (Jordan Virus), to be able to make a clear distinction between, for example, the even and odd rows or disinfected and not decontaminated. Monitoring this is clear at a glance because of the different color handles.

Why you will be using leaf cutting blades:

No more damaged tomatoes due to leaf cutting and therefore:

More kilos that can be sold and thus more income.

Less time required for control work of the blade cutters.

Less waste costs

It is easier to cut neatly leaves, so:

Smaller chance of Botrytis.

Less failure due to Botrytis.

Need less crop protection agents.

Less time needed for Botrytis control

Other benefits

– You can choose from a high-quality knife holder made of metal (Leaf cutting knife original) or a plastic knife holder that is lightweight.
– The leaf cutting blades are suitable for both left and right handed use.
– By regularly replacing the Tondeo blades (after 10,000 leaves).
one always works with a razor-sharp knife.
– A box of spare blades is supplied with each Leaf Cutting Knife.

Did you know that