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Welcome to the website bladsnijmes.nl        
Why you will use bladsnijmes      
no damaged tomatoes by cutting the leaves.          
  thereby…. more pounds of tomatoes to sell.        
            …. less time to control work of the leaf cutters.      
            …. lower cost of landfill waste.        
works nicely with leaf cutting is easier.          
  thereby…. less risk of Botrytis.          
            …. reduced scrap by Botrytis.        
            …. fewer pesticides needed.        
            …. less time needed for Botrytis control.      
6% less time needed for leaf cutting and Botytis control. (our company)    
…...It is a strong quality knife is made entirely of metal.        
…...The knife is suitable for both left and right handed us.        
……If you todeo blades to replace than 10,000 leaves you always work with a sharp knife  
General Terms and Conditions of sale and delivery for the products and services of Bladsnijmes.nl
Paragraph 1: Defenitions            
In these General Terms the followings words are to be understood as described in this article, unless stated  otherwise. 
1.        Bladsnijmes.nl: the company which is acting known under the Trade name Bladsnijmes.nl, founded in 2009 and registered in the trade administration op the Chamber of Commerce Eindhoven (Kamer van Koophandel Eindhoven), registered  under no. 17248441. The address of the company is d’n Alleman 11, 5511 MA, Knegsel (Eersel) in the Netherlands. Tel. +31 – (0)6-21469033.
2.        Customer: the legal person who has a contractual relation with Bladsnijmes.nl in any form. 
3.        Ex Works: delivery of goods are excluding transport, shipment, shipment documents and excluding Insurance for damage or loss of goods, or costs incurred for recovery of the goods.
Paragraph 2: General              
1.        These conditions apply for every quotation, and order between Customer and Bladsnijmes.nl, and apply in every case unless agreed otherwise in writing by both parties.
2.        These conditions also apply when other third parties are involved in the transactions.  
3.        Deviations to these conditions are only valid when these are mutually agreed between the two parties in writing.
4.        Any deviating buying conditions are rejected and will not be accepted.    
5.        When a customer decides to use the website from Bladsnijmes.nl for information, quotations, price offers or places an order, the customer fully accepts the General Terms as mentioned on the Website of Bladsnijmes.nl.
Paragraph 3: Quotations and price offers          
1.        The prices on the website are in Euros, excluding VAT and/or other Value added taxes from governmental organisation (import taxes, etc.), and excluding any extra costs involved for administration and shipment costs, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
2.        The prices will not be changed after the order has been placed and confirmed by Bladsnijmes.nl in writing, unless Governmental rule force these, or the manufacturer raises its manufacturing costs.
3.        When the prices for the ordered products or services mentioned under Article 3.2. are raised after order but before executing, the Customer has the right to cancel the order within ten (10) days after announcing the price raise.
4.        All prices, products and photographs on the website are under the reservation of typing errors, or technical errors on the website, and no right can be claimed from such errors.   
Paragraph 4: Delivery              
1.        Bladsnijmes.nl will only accept orders and ship goods after receipt of the total agreed price and payment before delivery. 
2.       Delivery will be done as soon as possible after receipt of the payment. The delivery time  will be approximate 30 days as maximum. When this maximum delivery time can not be met, Bladsnijmes.nl will inform the Customer as soon as possible via telephone or e-mail. When this maximum delivery time can not be met for any reason, the customer has the right to cancel the order and will receive the payments back with deduction of already made costs (to be determined and advised by Bladsnijmes.nl) within 14 days after cancellation. 
3.        When Bladsnijmes.nl initiates the shipment, Bladsnijmes.nl is entitled to choose the forwarding agent and transporting company.
4.       As soon as the products have been made available on the agreed delivery site (ex works, at forwarders address or Customer address), the full responsibility of the products are transferred to the Customer. The customer is fully responsible for the products from that moment onwards. Deliveries abroad (not in Europe) are Ex. Works (excluding shipment costs and Insurance) and will be carried out after approval of a forwarder and costs by the Customer. Bladsnijmes.nl will advise the customer of transport possibilities, but will not take responsibilities on the shipment itself. This transport costs and risk will remain with the customer. 
Paragraph 5: Satisfaction Guarantee           
1.       The customer has the right to return the goods within 7 working days without a fine, when not satisfied with the quality of the delivered goods. This is only applicable when the products are shipped in the original packing, is unused and undamaged and sellable as brand new. All delivered documentation, warranty documents need to be shipped with the return delivery of the goods. 
2.        Bladsnijmes.nl can never be held responsible for any damage, theft of loss during return shipment. We advise the Customer therefore to insure this return shipment with the forwarding company. 
3.        The costs for the return shipment are for the Customer..      
4.        When the Customer has used his right mentioned in paragraph 5, and has complied to the conditions stated in this clause, Bladsnijmes.nl will return the payment within 14 days after receiving the products. 
Paragraph 6: Warranty on the products          
1.        The products of Bladsnijmes.nl are delivered with a warranty on material or manufacturing quality for a period of 30 days after delivery of the product. Bladsnijmes.nl will rectify eventual material or manufacturing faults to its best ability, when the product has been returned accompanied with a detailed description in writing of the fault within 8 days. Bladsnijmes.nl will judge the reported and returned faulty product and will react within 14 days after receipt of the reported fault. No claims will be awarded when the faults are caused by unjust, un-careful, influences from outside or incorrect use of the product, or alterations made on the product.
Paragraph 7: Privacy              
1.        By placing an order at Bladsnijmes.nl your details will be stored in a database of Bladsnijmes.nl with personal details. Only with a written request the Customer can get a copy of the registered details. When the Customer requests changes on details, these will be carried out, unless these correction prove to wrong.
2.        Bladsnijmes.nl will supply, without juridical obligations or outside its purpose of registering these details, no information to third parties, to protect the privacy of the Customer.

More information can be found at the Privacy section
Paragraph 8: Applicable Law            
1.        On any contract between Bladsnijmes.nl and the Customer the Dutch law is applicable. Any disputes will be judged at court in the Netherlands.